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Green Magic

for Industrial Production

We communicated - we heard

we believed - and we did it

جرين ماجيك

About us

Green Magic is an Egyptian company that works in the agricultural field. The company seeks to be pioneer in this field through presenting its products in the best way, and efficiently, commensurate with the farmers at all levels, through an advanced work system based on a team of specialists in manufacturing, distribution and development.

Vegetable Garden

Company activities

Educating farmers about the developments of the agricultural market, through seminars and conferences offered and sponsored by the company. The company provides after-sales service through an integrated team of technical support. In addition, the company adopts an integrated program of community participation in all economic, social, sports and cultural aspects. The success of our agricultural journey is summarized in four words: we communicated, heard, believed, and worked

Our message in Green Magic

Providing high-quality services to all agriculture sectors such as agents, distributors, traders and farmers, by providing products that depends on quality, accuracy and prices to suit everyone a high price does not mean that the product is of high quality, and a low price means a low level of accuracy and quality, but we believe that the basis of any business is ethics in the first place. We solved the equation by offering quality and accuracy at an affordable price for all agricultural sectors. Our tangible success in Egypt is the beginning of exporting our products to many countries.

Our factories

The company provides the best products through its factories, using the best international raw materials under the management of a production team with experience, accuracy and work according to approved standards. The production process is based inside our factories using the latest technology and modern machines, where the production and packaging lines vary for liquid, powder, suspension fertilizers and agricultural fertilizers in order to satisfy our customers.

Community Engagement Programs

Through the Community Engagement Programs the company is keen on community participation through sports, medical, cultural and other activities.


Our success in the competition and superiority of our products in the Egyptian market is the main factor that encouraged the company's management to take steps towards exporting and competing outside Egypt. The company aims to conquer the global, Arab and African markets with its products.

Quality Policy

Because quality is the main factor for the success of any project, especially in recent times, so the company was keen to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate. We also follow the periodic analysis of our products through the largest accredited laboratories to check on the quality and accuracy of our products and to ensure the continued confidence of our customers

Community Engagement Programs: Through the Community Engagement Programs the company is keen on community participation through sports, medical, cultural and other activities.

جرين ماجيك
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