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Green Magic's vision is to derive its position from people, and its strength from technology, and to make the company available to all by providing high quality products and services that suit farmers and customers.


About the company

Hands in the Soil


Green Magic is keen to provide all the products needed for agriculture (growth nutrients – soil fertilizer - various fertilizers - pesticides.....etc) in the quantities that customers need and quickly to achieve customer satisfaction. Community Engagement Programs: Through the Community Engagement Programs the company is keen on community participation through sports, medical, cultural and other activities.


Green Magic has good experiance in agriculture field, and quality is one of the most important factors that everyone is looking for, so we use the best raw materials and equipment necessary to produce high-quality products with standard specifications, in addition to paying attention to the quality of dealing and prices to suit everyone. The company is ISO 9001 certified with American and European accreditation

Delivery service

Green Magic has the best marketing network to sell products through its presence throughout the Republic through certified sales representatives, agents and distributors specialized in the field of agriculture with high efficiency to provide customer service at the highest level that gives you belonging to the compay, and the company also owns a fleet of cars to meet the needs of farmers in all over the republic


Quality Certificates

جرين ماجيك
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